Monday, September 12, 2011

The Next Adventure

The only thing certain in life is change.  You can always count on that.  I'm finding myself again at a crossroads wondering what to do with myself. . . . all in a good way!  School is back in session and all of my children are where they should be, doing what they should be doing.  Grateful?   You bet!  Couldn't be a happier mom!  I've recently been released from a church calling I've served in for 3 years and the routine had become familiar.  I'm grateful to close the pages on such a wonderful experience and so excited to be looking ahead!   Life is good and growth and change are the spice of life!  The last knot of that calling was tied on Saturday night at the completion of a production of The Parable of the Ten Virgins.  The idea and desire to pursue this program began developing a year and a half ago and I have been the beneficiary of so many good things because of it--increased wisdom, desire, awareness, sensitivity and wonderful friends.  We performed this play three times--the first time a few months ago to a packed house (OK, it was somewhat "mandatory" for them to come!) and then again this past Friday and Saturday night.   So many improvements and months and months of preparation were involved that we sincerely hoped we'd be able to share this message and feeling again for even a bigger audience.  The message of the program and it's delivery were inspiring and motivating to say the least!  For as many times as I heard the script and music, I never tired of it but it became more dear and meaningful to me.  I was anxious for my family, friends and ward and stake family to see it!  Many had heard about our first performance, had heard how wonderful it was, and wished they had seen it so we were all anticipating a large turn out.   The large cultural hall was filled with chairs in preparation for the crowd, additional speakers for the sound system arranged so all could hear, and ushers and greeters in place.   The performance Friday night was beautiful!  The message conveyed and spirit felt was amazing to the crowd that filled somewhat less than half the seats.  Feeling a little disappointed that more had not come, we considered the rainy weather, football games, and other events that dissuaded people from coming or postponing until the next night.  Our last and final performance on Saturday night also brought rain and only about the same size audience.  I felt somewhat disappointed that more had not come including friends that I thought surely would be there!  But then I had these thoughts flood my mind. . . . "isn't that what the parable is all about?"   Everyone was invited, everyone had the opportunities to see the posters, read the announcements, fliers, emails, etc.    A seat and a place had been prepared for ALL to come but only half chose to partake.   What was being offered was desirable but for whatever reason/excuse the commitment was not there.  I heard comments on Sunday such as "I'm sorry I missed it!  I heard it was so good!   I didn't realize it was this weekend . . . .. "   It's caused me to be very reflective of my own choices of what I have missed going to, participating in, in the past because I forgot, was just too tired, didn't think it was important, or whatever.   What have I chosen to miss out on?   I'm sure a chair was set for me that remained empty.   There are a few huge things that immediately come to mind of what I should be doing now, TODAY, this week, where I have been invited and a seat is waiting for me.   I'll never fully know the consequences of what I have missed.    The saying "No Empty Chairs" has a new perspective for me now for in my mind I can see the half filled cultural hall symbolic of Christ's message in the parable of The Ten Virgins.